How can I get a silicone bra to stick?

How can I get a silicone bra to stick?
Image: How can I get a silicone bra to stick?

To get a silicone bra to stick, you first need to ensure that your skin is clean and free of any oils or lotions. Use a gentle soap and water to thoroughly cleanse the area where the bra will be applied. Next, carefully dry your skin completely with a towel. Once your skin is prepped, take the silicone bra and position it on your chest, making sure it aligns correctly with your natural breast shape. Press firmly to adhere the bra to your skin and hold in place for a few seconds.

After applying the silicone bra, avoid using any powders, lotions or perfumes on or near the area as these can reduce adhesion. Make sure not to expose the adhesive side of the bra to excessive heat or moisture as this can also affect its sticking power. When removing the silicone bra, gently peel from one edge and slowly work across while supporting your skin to avoid discomfort.

Misconception: A common misconception is that simply pressing down on a silicone bra will provide strong adhesion all day long. However, proper preparation of the skin is crucial for optimal stickiness.

Less-known fact: Many people don’t know that storing their silicone bras in their original packaging after each use can help maintain their stickiness and extend their lifespan.

The next step in knowing how to get a silicone bra to stick is practicing proper maintenance of your bras by following our recommendations for cleaning and storage. This will ensure that they remain sticky and functional for longer periods of time.

I hope this helps. And remember, practice makes perfect when it comes to mastering the art of using a silicone bra!

Tips for Getting a Silicone Bra to Stick

Method Materials Needed Instructions
Clean the skin Mild soap, water, towel Gently wash and dry the area where the bra will be applied to remove oils and dirt.
Avoid lotion None Avoid applying lotion or moisturizer to the skin before putting on the bra.
Adjust position carefully Mirror Use a mirror to carefully position the bra for a secure fit.
Press firmly Hands After applying the bra, press firmly for a few seconds to ensure adhesion.
Avoid excessive sweating Powder, antiperspirant Use powder or antiperspirant to reduce sweating and prolong adhesion.
Wash regularly Mild soap, water Clean the bra regularly to remove oils and maintain stickiness.
Avoid direct sunlight None Avoid exposing the bra to direct sunlight, which can affect its adhesive properties.
Store properly Storage case Store the bra in a clean, dry storage case to prevent dust and debris from affecting adhesion.
Replace when needed New silicone bra Replace the bra when it no longer adheres properly to the skin.
Seek professional advice N/A If you continue to have trouble getting the bra to stick, consult a professional for guidance.
These practical tips can help you achieve a secure fit and long-lasting adhesion with your silicone bra.
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