How can you tell if you’re wearing the wrong bra size?

How can you tell if you’re wearing the wrong bra size?
Image: How can you tell if you’re wearing the wrong bra size?

First of all, it’s important to understand that wearing the wrong bra size can be uncomfortable and even damaging to your posture and overall breast health. One way to tell if you are wearing the wrong bra size is if the band around your ribcage feels too tight or too loose. If it digs into your skin or rides up in the back, this is a clear sign that the band size is incorrect. If you notice spillage over the top or sides of the cups, or if there are gaps between your breasts and the cups, then this indicates that you may be wearing a cup size that is too small or too large.

Moreover, pay close attention to how your bra straps fit. If they dig into your shoulders leaving marks or causing discomfort, then this could be a sign that your band size is too big and therefore putting more weight onto the straps. Observe how your bras feel throughout the day – if you constantly find yourself readjusting them, feeling uncomfortable, experiencing back pain or feeling restricted in any way, these are all indications that something might not be quite right with your current bra size.

Common misconception: Many people believe that as long as they can fasten their bra on one of its hooks without any trouble, then it fits correctly. However, this is not true – bras stretch out over time and so starting off on looser settings means it won’t provide adequate support later on.

Less-known fact: Your body changes regularly due to factors such as weight fluctuations and hormonal shifts. This means that it’s crucial to regularly re-measure yourself for an accurate fit.

Next step: I highly recommend getting professionally fitted for a bra by someone who specializes in lingerie fittings to ensure accuracy and comfort.

Remember – a well-fitted bra makes all the difference.

Signs of Wearing the Wrong Bra Size
Signs Indications Recommendation
Straps digging into shoulders Shoulders have red marks and feel sore Try adjusting the straps or get a bra with wider, padded straps
Bra band riding up the back The back band is not parallel to the ground Get a smaller band size for a snug fit
Underwire poking or digging in Underwire causes discomfort and leaves marks Consider trying a different cup size or style
Breasts spilling out of cups Breasts appear squished or bulging over the cups Get a larger cup size to contain the breasts properly
Gaps between breasts and cups Cups are not filled out completely Try a smaller cup size or a style with more coverage
Back and neck pain Experience discomfort and pain in the back and neck Get fitted for a bra to ensure proper support and alignment
Bra feels tight or constricting Bra leaves red marks and feels uncomfortable Try a larger band size for a more comfortable fit
Lack of support Breasts feel unsupported and bounce excessively Consider a bra with more coverage and firm support
Frequent bra adjustments Need to readjust the bra multiple times a day Consider getting a bra with a better fit or different style
Unsightly bulges and lines Bra causes bulges and visible lines under clothing Try a different style or size to achieve a smoother silhouette
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