How do you make a thong out of a bra?

How do you make a thong out of a bra?
Image: How do you make a thong out of a bra?

To make a thong out of a bra, you will need a few materials. First, find an old bra that you no longer use or don’t mind altering. Then, carefully cut the straps and band off the bra using sharp scissors. Next, measure your waist to determine how long the band needs to be for the thong. Cut the band to the desired length, making sure to leave enough room for seam allowance.

Once you have cut the band to size, fold over the edges and sew them down using a zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine. This will prevent any fraying and give a clean finish to your thong. Next, take one of the cups from the bra and trim it down so that it is more streamlined and less bulky. Then attach this cup piece onto the center back of your newly created thong with another zig-zag stitch.

Common misconception is that bras can only be used for their original purpose – supporting breasts. The actual truth is that with some creativity and sewing skills, you can repurpose an old bra into something entirely new like a thong. It’s all about thinking outside of the box and using what you have in innovative ways.

A less-known fact about repurposing bras into underwear is that it’s not just limited to making thongs; you can also create bandeau tops or even swimsuit bottoms. Knowing this fact is useful because it opens up possibilities for upcycling old lingerie into trendy new pieces for your wardrobe.

The next step in knowing how to make a thong out of a bra would be to gather all necessary materials such as an old bra, sharp scissors, measuring tape, sewing machine (or needle & thread), and elastic if needed. Then follow our detailed instructions carefully while being creative throughout your process.

I hope these steps have given you some inspiration on how to upcycle your old bras. Good luck with creating your own unique lingerie pieces!

Instructions on How to Make a Thong out of a Bra

Materials Needed Steps Result
A bra (preferably one with underwire) 1. Cut the bra straps off. Straps removed from the bra.
A pair of scissors 2. Cut the band of the bra in half horizontally. Band cut into two separate pieces.
Needle and thread 3. Fold the cut band in half and sew the edges together. Two separate pieces of band sewn into loops.
Optional: Elastic band 4. Attach elastic bands to the loops for a comfortable fit. Thong with elastic bands for better fit and comfort.
5. Trim any excess fabric or loose threads. Neat and tidy thong made from the bra.
6. Wash and dry the thong before wearing. Clean and ready-to-use thong.
7. Try on the thong to ensure a proper fit. Comfortable and well-fitting thong ready for use.
8. Repeat the process with other bras if desired. Option to make multiple thongs from different bras.
9. Enjoy wearing your homemade thong! Stylish and sustainable thong made from bras.
10. Dispose of any leftover fabric responsibly. Environmentally conscious disposal of excess fabric.
Detailed steps on how to repurpose a bra into a thong, creating a sustainable and stylish undergarment.
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