How do you put on a sticky strapless bra?

How do you put on a sticky strapless bra?
Image: How do you put on a sticky strapless bra?

To put on a sticky strapless bra, start by cleaning your skin to remove any oils or lotions that may interfere with the adhesive. Next, position the cups of the bra over your breasts and lean forward slightly to allow them to settle naturally. Then, using one hand, gently press the cups onto your skin starting from the bottom and working your way up to ensure a secure fit. Once both cups are in place, use your index fingers to smooth out any wrinkles or air bubbles for a seamless look.

It’s important to note that these types of bras work best on clean, dry skin so avoid applying any moisturizers or powders before putting on the bra. Make sure not to wear a sticky strapless bra for extended periods of time as it can cause irritation or discomfort due to its strong adhesive nature.

One less-known fact about wearing sticky strapless bras is that they are not recommended for those with sensitive or easily irritated skin. The adhesive used in these bras can sometimes cause redness or itching for individuals with delicate skin types. If you have experienced this issue in the past, it’s best to opt for alternative options such as silicone strapless bras or convertible bras with removable straps.

The next step after learning how to put on a sticky strapless bra is finding the right size and style for your specific needs. Many people struggle with finding the perfect fit when it comes to these types of bras, so seeking professional assistance from a lingerie expert can help ensure you get the most comfortable and supportive option available.

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How to Put on a Sticky Strapless Bra

Step Instructions Recommendation
1 Clean your skin Use alcohol-free wipes to remove any oil or sweat
2 Peel off the protective film Be careful not to touch the adhesive surface
3 Position the cups on your breasts Adjust the placement for proper coverage
4 Press firmly to secure the bra Apply pressure for a few seconds to ensure adhesion
5 Adjust the front closure Ensure the bra is snug but not too tight
6 Check for any gaps or wrinkles Smooth out the bra for a seamless look
7 Secure the side wings Press them firmly to prevent slipping
8 Adjust the bra throughout the day Reposition as needed for comfort and support
9 Remove the bra with care Peel off slowly and store it properly for reuse
10 Clean your skin again Use alcohol-free wipes to remove any residue
Proper application and care of a sticky strapless bra
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