How do you select the cup size of a bra?

How do you select the cup size of a bra?
Image: How do you select the cup size of a bra?

When selecting the cup size of a bra, it is important to first measure your bust at the fullest part while wearing an unpadded bra. This measurement will give you an idea of your band size, which is necessary for determining the appropriate cup size. Next, measure around your ribcage just under your bust to get your band size. With these two measurements in hand, you can then calculate your cup size by subtracting your band measurement from your bust measurement. The difference between these two measurements will correspond with a specific cup size – for example, a 1 inch difference may indicate an A cup, a 2 inch difference may indicate a B cup, and so on.

It is crucial to remember that every brand and style of bra may fit differently based on its design and fabric composition. Therefore, it is imperative to try on different bras in the calculated cup size before making a purchase to ensure the best fit possible. Be mindful that breast shape also plays a significant role in finding the right cup size. Some styles might require going up or down one or even two sizes from the calculated measurement in order to achieve optimal comfort and support.

One less-known fact about selecting the correct cup size is that it’s not uncommon for individuals to have asymmetrical breasts, meaning one breast could be larger or smaller than the other. In this case, always opt for a bra that accommodates the larger breast and consider using inserts or removable padding if desired for symmetry. Understanding this fact can help alleviate any concerns about minor differences in breast sizes when fitting bras.

Remember: accurate measurements are key. Enjoy finding that perfect fit – like Cinderella searching for her glass slipper!

How to Select the Cup Size of a Bra
Bra Size Underbust Measurement (inches) Bust Measurement (inches)
32A 27-28 32-33
34B 29-30 34-35
36C 31-32 36-37
38D 33-34 38-39
40DD 35-36 40-41
42E 37-38 42-43
44F 39-40 44-45
46G 41-42 46-47
48H 43-44 48-49
50I 45-46 50-51
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