Is “CC” a bra size?

Is “CC” a bra size?
Image: Is “CC” a bra size?

Yes, “CC” is not a standard bra size. In the world of bras, we use a combination of letters and numbers to indicate size, such as 34C or 36D. The letter represents the cup size while the number represents the band size. Cup sizes typically range from A to H, with some brands offering even larger sizes. However, “CC” is not a recognized cup size in this system.

One common misconception is that “CC” might be used as a double cup size, similar to how we have AA for smaller busts and DD for larger ones. However, this is not accurate. In reality, there are no standard bra sizing systems that include “CC” as a valid cup measurement.

A less-known fact about bra sizing is that it can vary between different brands and styles. This means that finding the perfect fit may require trying on various sizes and styles until you find one that fits your unique shape perfectly. Understanding this variability can help you navigate our store more effectively by being open to trying different sizes and styles to find your ideal fit.

So now that you know “CC” isn’t an actual bra size, I recommend focusing on finding your correct band and cup size by getting professionally measured or using our online fitting guide to determine your proper fit before making any purchases here at our store. By doing so, you’ll ensure that any bras you buy will provide both comfort and support for everyday wear.

Hope this helps. Remember: It’s all about finding the perfect fit for YOU!

Comparison of Bra Sizes and their Corresponding Measurements

Bra Size Underbust Measurement (inches) Bust Measurement (inches)
32A 27-28 33-34
34B 29-30 35-36
36C 31-32 37-38
38D 33-34 39-40
40DD 35-36 41-42
42E 37-38 43-44
44F 39-40 45-46
46G 41-42 47-48
48H 43-44 49-50
50I 45-46 51-52
Comparison of bra sizes with their corresponding underbust and bust measurements. Use these measurements to determine the most accurate bra size for a perfect fit.
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