What are all the possible bra sizes?

What are all the possible bra sizes?
Image: What are all the possible bra sizes?

Our store offers a wide range of bra sizes, including A, B, C, D, and DD cups. We also carry band sizes ranging from 28 to 44 inches. Each cup size represents a different breast volume, while the band size determines the fit around your ribcage. It’s important to note that bra sizing is not universal across all brands, so I recommend getting professionally fitted for the most accurate measurements.

One common misconception about bra sizing is that it’s solely based on cup size. In reality, both the cup and band sizes are equally important in achieving a proper fit. Many people believe they will always wear the same size throughout their lifetime, when in fact factors like weight fluctuations and pregnancy can change your bra size.

A less-known fact about bra sizing is that the shape of your breasts can also impact which styles and brands will fit best. Understanding your breast shape – whether they are full on top or bottom, shallow or projected – can help you find bras that provide optimal support and comfort. The next step would be to learn more about different bra styles and how they cater to various breast shapes.

Remember: finding the perfect fitting bra should feel like discovering hidden treasure – exciting and rewarding.

Possible Bra Sizes

Band Size (inches) Cup Size (inches) US Bra Size
28 4 28A
30 4 30A
32 4 32A
34 4 34A
36 4 36A
28 5 28B
30 5 30B
32 5 32B
34 5 34B
36 5 36B
This table shows the possible band sizes, cup sizes, and corresponding US bra sizes. Use this information to find the right bra size for your body.
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