What are the letters in a bra size?

What are the letters in a bra size?
Image: What are the letters in a bra size?

Bra sizes are typically represented by letters such as A, B, C, D, and so on. These letters correspond to the volume of the breast tissue, with each letter representing a specific measurement range. For example, an A cup usually corresponds to a smaller bust size, while a D cup is indicative of a larger bust size.

It’s important to keep in mind that the letter alone does not determine the proper fit of a bra; it must also be paired with a band size. The combination of the two measurements (band size and cup size) gives us the complete bra size. This ensures that the bra fits properly and provides adequate support for your individual shape and needs.

A common misconception about bra sizes is that they are set in stone and do not change over time. In reality, factors such as weight loss or gain, pregnancy, hormonal changes, or aging can all affect our bust size and therefore our bra size. It’s essential to regularly measure yourself to ensure you’re wearing the correct size for optimal comfort and support.

An interesting fact about bra sizing is that it varies by brand due to differences in sizing systems used across manufacturers. This is why it’s crucial to get professionally fitted when purchasing bras from different brands to ensure you’re getting an accurate fit every time. Knowing this can save you time and frustration when shopping for bras in different stores or online. I would recommend scheduling a professional fitting at least once a year or whenever you experience significant body changes.

I hope this information helps clarify any confusion about bra sizes. Remember: “Your bosom buddy deserves only the best fit!”.

Bra Size Letters

Number Letter Description
28 A Band size: 28 inches, Cup size: A
30 B Band size: 30 inches, Cup size: B
32 C Band size: 32 inches, Cup size: C
34 D Band size: 34 inches, Cup size: D
36 DD or E Band size: 36 inches, Cup size: DD or E
38 DDD or F Band size: 38 inches, Cup size: DDD or F
40 G Band size: 40 inches, Cup size: G
42 H Band size: 42 inches, Cup size: H
44 I Band size: 44 inches, Cup size: I
46 J Band size: 46 inches, Cup size: J
Table showing the band size and corresponding cup size letters in a bra size. Choose the right size for a comfortable and supportive fit.
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