What are the numbers and letters in bra sizes?

What are the numbers and letters in bra sizes?
Image: What are the numbers and letters in bra sizes?

In bra sizing, the numbers represent the band size, which is the measurement around your ribcage just under your bust. It is important to measure this area in inches for an accurate fit. The band size should be snug but not too tight, as it provides the majority of support for your breasts. The letters indicate the cup size, which represents the difference between your band size and your bust measurement. Each letter corresponds to a specific amount of inches; for example, A is typically 1 inch, B is 2 inches, C is 3 inches, and so on.

It’s crucial to note that not all brands follow the same sizing chart. This means that you may wear a different size in one brand compared to another. Factors such as style and material can also affect how a bra fits you. Therefore, it’s important to always try on bras before purchasing them and consider getting fitted by a professional if you are unsure about your correct size.

One lesser-known fact about bra sizes is that they can change due to fluctuations in weight or hormonal changes throughout your life. It’s useful to regularly check and update your measurements as needed so that you’re always wearing properly fitting bras.

Now that you understand how bra sizes are determined, I recommend taking some time to measure yourself accurately at home using a cloth measuring tape or seeking out professional assistance for an even more precise fit. Knowing this information will ensure that you find bras that provide comfort and support for everyday wear.

Bra Size Numbers and Letters

Bra Size Band Size (inches) Cup Size (inches)
30A 30 1
32B 32 2
34C 34 3
36D 36 4
38DD 38 5
40DDD 40 6
42G 42 7
44H 44 8
46I 46 9
48J 48 10
This table provides the band size and cup size measurements for different bra sizes. Use a measuring tape to accurately determine your band and cup size for the best fit.
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