What are the numbers in a bra size?

What are the numbers in a bra size?
Image: What are the numbers in a bra size?

Bra sizes are determined by two measurements: the band size and the cup size. The band size is the measurement around your ribcage just under your bust, while the cup size is the difference between this measurement and the measurement around the fullest part of your bust. It’s important to remember that bra sizes are not universal, so a 32D in one brand may fit differently than a 34C in another brand.

It’s crucial to get properly fitted for a bra to ensure you’re wearing the correct size. I would recommend getting measured at least once a year, as our bodies change over time and factors such as weight loss or gain can affect our bra size.

One common misconception about bra sizing is that if you increase your band size, you should decrease your cup size, or vice versa. In reality, if you go up or down a band size, you’ll likely need to adjust your cup size as well to maintain proper fit. It’s all about finding the right balance between band and cup.

A less-known fact about bra sizing is that there are different shapes of breasts that may require different styles of bras for optimal support and comfort. Knowing your breast shape can help in finding bras designed specifically for that shape, ensuring better fit and support.

I hope this information helps clarify any confusion about bra sizing. Remember to get measured regularly and don’t hesitate to ask for assistance when shopping for bras – we’re here to help!

Bra Size Number Guide

Band Size Cup Size Description
30 A Band size 30, Cup size A
32 B Band size 32, Cup size B
34 C Band size 34, Cup size C
36 D Band size 36, Cup size D
38 DD/E Band size 38, Cup size DD/E
40 DDD/F Band size 40, Cup size DDD/F
42 G Band size 42, Cup size G
44 H Band size 44, Cup size H
46 I Band size 46, Cup size I
48 J Band size 48, Cup size J
A guide to understanding the numbers and letters in bra sizes for a proper fit and comfort.
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