What comes after 38C in bra size?

What comes after 38C in bra size?
Image: What comes after 38C in bra size?

The bra sizes that come after 38C are 40B, 40C, and 42B. It’s important to note that the number in a bra size represents the band size, which is measured around your ribcage just below your bust. The letter represents the cup size, which indicates the difference between your bust and band measurements. In this case, as you go up in band size (from 38 to 40 to 42), you would also need to adjust the cup size accordingly to maintain a proper fit.

A common misconception is that cup sizes stay consistent across all band sizes, but this is not true. As the band size increases, so does the corresponding cup volume. For example, a 38C has the same cup volume as a 40B and a 42A. Therefore, it’s important to try on different combinations of band and cup sizes to find the best fit for your body.

A less-known fact about bra sizing is that many women may be wearing an incorrect bra size without even realizing it. This can lead to discomfort and inadequate support for your breasts. Understanding how different band and cup sizes correspond can help ensure you’re wearing a properly fitting bra.

I recommend getting professionally measured by a lingerie specialist or using an online fitting guide from reputable lingerie brands like ours so you can find your perfect fit with confidence. Remember: Your comfort comes first!

What Comes After 38C in Bra Size?

Bra Size Under Bust (inches) Bust (inches)
38C 38 41
38D 38 42
38DD 38 43
38DDD/E 38 44
38F 38 45
38G 38 46
38H 38 47
38I 38 48
38J 38 49
38K 38 50
This table shows the progression of bra sizes after 38C, providing the corresponding under bust and bust measurements for each size. Use these measurements to find the best-fitting bra for your body.
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