What does “40” mean in bra size?

What does “40” mean in bra size?
Image: What does “40” mean in bra size?

The number “40” in bra size refers to the band size of the bra. Band size is determined by measuring around the ribcage, just under the bust. It is crucial for providing proper support and ensuring a comfortable fit. The band size directly correlates to how snugly or loosely the bra fits around your body, and it plays a significant role in providing adequate support for your breasts.

It’s important to understand that the number “40” specifically represents the measurement of 40 inches around your ribcage. This measurement should be taken accurately and without any extra slack or tightness on the tape measure. Knowing this specific number will help you determine which bras will provide a comfortable and supportive fit for you based on your individual measurements.

Now, one common misconception about band sizes is that a higher number means a larger cup size. In reality, band size has no correlation with cup size – they are independent measurements that work together to create a well-fitted bra. Another less-known fact is that certain brands may have slightly different sizing systems, so it’s always best to refer to each brand’s specific sizing chart when determining your correct band size.

I recommend taking accurate measurements using a flexible measuring tape at home before coming into the store. Once you have these measurements, our expert staff can assist you in finding bras that match your band size perfectly, ensuring both comfort and support.

Remember: A well-fitted bra can make all the difference in feeling confident and comfortable throughout your day.

Meaning of “40” in Bra Size

Band Size Underbust Measurement (inches) Underbust Measurement (centimeters)
40 38-42 96.5-106.5
40 35-39 89-99
40 32-36 81.5-91.5
40 30-34 76-86
40 28-32 71-81.5
40 26-30 66-76
40 24-28 61-71
40 22-26 56-66
40 20-24 51-61
40 18-22 46-56
Table showing the different underbust measurements in inches and centimeters that correspond to a bra band size of “40.” Use these measurements as a guide to find the right bra size for a comfortable fit.
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