What does a bra size of 34/75 mean?

What does a bra size of 34/75 mean?
Image: What does a bra size of 34/75 mean?

A bra size of 34/75 indicates the band and cup size of the bra. The number 34 refers to the band size, which is measured around your ribcage just below your bust. This measurement helps determine the width of the band that will provide adequate support for your breasts. In this case, a 34 band size corresponds to a snug fit for someone with a ribcage measurement of approximately 34 inches.

The number 75 corresponds to the cup size, which measures the difference between your ribcage and bust measurements. A larger number indicates a larger cup size. In this case, a cup size of 75 translates to roughly an “B” or “C” cup in US sizing, depending on other factors such as breast shape and fullness distribution.

It’s important to note that finding the right bra size goes beyond these numbers and involves considering other factors such as breast shape and comfort level. It’s also important to remember that different brands may have slight variations in their sizing systems, so it’s always best to try on bras before purchasing them. With proper fitting being key for both comfort and support in everyday wear; getting professionally fitted by our expert staff ensures you get an accurate measurement tailored specifically for you.

A common misconception is thinking that only one set of numbers can accurately represent all aspects of bra fit; when in fact they are used together as part of determining appropriate range for each person’s needs.

An interesting lesser-known fact about bras is that they actually have a lifespan. On average, bras should be replaced every six months due to stretching out from regular use causing less support over time. Regularly updating your lingerie wardrobe not only ensures optimal support but also keeps things fresh & exciting!

Now that you know more about what those numbers mean, I recommend booking an appointment with our professional fitters who can help ensure you’re wearing bras that are perfectly fitted and offer maximum comfort & style. Don’t hesitate – get yourself into store today!

Happy shopping.

Understanding Bra Sizes: 34/75
Band Size (cm) Bust Size (cm) Cup Size
63-67 77-79 A
68-72 82-84 B
73-77 87-89 C
78-82 92-94 D
83-87 97-99 DD
88-92 102-104 E
93-97 107-109 F
98-102 112-114 FF
103-107 117-119 G
108-112 122-124 GG
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