What does demi bra mean?

What does demi bra mean?
Image: What does demi bra mean?

A demi bra, also known as a half-cup bra, is a style of bra that provides coverage for about half to three-quarters of the breast. This type of bra offers less coverage than a full-cup or plunge bra but more than a balconette or push-up bra. The cups are typically cut straight across the top and have wide-set straps, creating a flattering neckline while still providing support and lift. Demi bras are perfect for wearing with low-cut or scoop-neck tops, as they offer just the right amount of coverage without peeking out from the top of your clothing.

One common misconception about demi bras is that they only come in underwire styles. In reality, there are plenty of non-wired demi bras available on the market, offering the same stylish look and support without the discomfort of underwires. Another misconception is that demi bras are not suitable for larger cup sizes. However, many brands now offer demi bras in larger sizes with reinforced underbands and wider straps to provide extra support.

A lesser-known fact about demi bras is that they can be versatile enough to wear every day, not just for special occasions. With their comfortable yet stylish design, you can easily make them an essential part of your lingerie collection. Knowing this fact can help you choose lingerie that combines both fashion and functionality in your everyday wardrobe. The next step would be to try on different styles and brands of demi bras to find the perfect fit for your body shape and personal preferences.

Now go ahead and embrace your inner confidence with a fabulous new demi bra.

Comparison of Demi Bras

Brand Material Price
Victoria’s Secret Lace and satin $35
Calvin Klein Cotton and spandex $30
Natori Nylon and mesh $40
Lively Microfiber and lace $25
Aerie Cotton and elastane $20
Madewell Modal and spandex $30
La Perla Silk and lace $80
Chantelle Polyester and nylon $45
Wacoal Cotton and polyester $50
Fleur du Mal Satin and mesh $60
Table showing the different brands, materials, and prices of demi bras
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