What does the number 38 mean in bra size?

What does the number 38 mean in bra size?
Image: What does the number 38 mean in bra size?

The number 38 in bra size refers to the measurement of your ribcage, specifically the circumference around your torso just underneath your bust. It is a crucial part of finding the right bra fit as it determines the band size that will provide proper support and comfort. The number 38 corresponds to an average-sized ribcage, and when combined with a letter (such as B or C), it indicates the specific cup size for that band measurement. For example, a 38B would mean you have a slightly larger than average ribcage with smaller breast volume, while a 38C would indicate an average ribcage with medium-sized breasts.

When it comes to bra sizing, there is often confusion about what the numbers actually represent. Some people mistakenly believe that they directly correspond to breast size, but this is not accurate. The number in your bra size refers solely to the measurement of your ribcage and has no direct correlation to the volume or shape of your breasts. Understanding this can help eliminate misconceptions and frustrations when shopping for bras.

A lesser-known fact about bra sizing is that even within the same band size, different brands may vary slightly in their measurements due to differences in manufacturing techniques and materials used. This means that trying on bras from different brands within your calculated band size can be beneficial in finding the best fit for you. Knowing this can save time and effort when searching for the perfect bra.

Now that you understand more about what the number represents in bra sizing, I recommend taking the next step by getting professionally measured so we can find you options tailored specifically to your body shape. Remember: Finding the right fit is key for both comfort and confidence.

Bra Size: Understanding the Number 38

Band Size Meaning Recommendation
38 Band size measurement in inches Measure your underbust to determine band size
38A Band size 38 with cup size A Try on bras with 38A to check for proper fit
38B Band size 38 with cup size B Check for proper coverage and support with 38B
38C Band size 38 with cup size C Ensure cups fully contain breast tissue in 38C
38D Band size 38 with cup size D Ensure underwire fits comfortably under breasts
38DD Band size 38 with cup size DD Check for proper support and no spillage in 38DD
38DDD/E Band size 38 with cup size DDD/E Look for bras with wide straps for added support in 38DDD/E
38F Band size 38 with cup size F Ensure underband is snug and parallel to the ground in 38F
38G Band size 38 with cup size G Check for proper center gore tacking in 38G
38H Band size 38 with cup size H Ensure cups fully encapsulate breasts in 38H
Understanding the number 38 in bra size is crucial for finding the right fit and support for your body. Make sure to measure your underbust and try on different cup sizes to find the perfect match for your bust.
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