What is a 110D bra size?

What is a 110D bra size?
Image: What is a 110D bra size?

A 110D bra size is a specific measurement that refers to the band size and cup size of a bra. In terms of the band size, 110 represents the measurement around your ribcage in centimeters. This is considered to be a larger band size and may indicate that you have a broader chest or back. The letter D refers to the cup size, indicating that there is a significant difference between your underbust and bust measurements.

It’s important to note that finding the right bra size is essential for both comfort and support. In this case, with a 110D bra size, it’s crucial to prioritize bras with strong underwire support and wide straps to provide adequate lift and prevent discomfort. Consider styles with full coverage cups for maximum support.

Misconception: A common misconception about larger bra sizes like 110D is that they are limited in style options. The truth is there are many stylish and supportive bras available in this size range, including balconette, plunge, and minimizer styles.

Less-known fact: Knowing your correct bra size can actually improve posture by providing proper support for your chest and back muscles.

I recommend getting professionally fitted for a new bra so we can ensure you have the perfect fit. You’ll feel more comfortable throughout the day without any pinching or digging from an ill-fitting bra.

Remember, wearing the right-sized bra not only provides comfort but also helps you look great in any outfit.

110D Bra Size Measurements

Band Size (in inches) Cup Size (in inches) Recommended Bra Style
36 45-47 Full Coverage Bra
38 47-49 Full Coverage Bra
40 49-51 Full Coverage Bra
42 51-53 Full Coverage Bra
44 53-55 Full Coverage Bra
46 55-57 Full Coverage Bra
48 57-59 Full Coverage Bra
50 59-61 Full Coverage Bra
52 61-63 Full Coverage Bra
54 63-65 Full Coverage Bra
Table showing the band size, cup size, and recommended bra style for a 110D bra size.
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