What is my girlfriend’s bra size?

What is my girlfriend’s bra size?
Image: What is my girlfriend’s bra size?

Based on my experience as a store clerk in a bra shop, determining your girlfriend’s bra size can be done by measuring her ribcage and bust. First, you’ll need to measure her ribcage just below her bust using a flexible measuring tape. Make sure the tape is snug but not too tight. Round up to the nearest whole number if it’s an odd measurement, then add 5 inches to that number. This will give you her band size, which is typically between 28-40 inches.

Next, you’ll need to measure her bust at the fullest part while she’s wearing a non-padded bra. Again, make sure the measuring tape is snug but not constricting. Then subtract the band size from this measurement. For every inch of difference, she would be in a different cup size category (A-DD). Keep in mind that sizes may vary slightly depending on brands and styles, so it’s best to have her try on different sizes for the most accurate fit.

Common misconceptions about bra sizing include thinking that cup size alone determines breast volume or that all bras with the same size label will fit equally well across different brands. The truth is that both band and cup sizes are essential for finding the right fit, and varying styles and brands can result in differences in fit even within the same labeled size.

A less-known fact about bra sizing is that certain body shapes may require adjustments beyond traditional measurements or standard sizing charts to find an ideal fit. Knowing this can be useful as it emphasizes the importance of individualized fitting methods such as trying on various styles and seeking assistance from professionals when needed.

Understanding your girlfriend’s bra size is essential for ensuring comfort and support when purchasing bras for her. My recommendation would be to take these measurements yourself or seek professional help at a lingerie boutique for precise results.

Remember: A well-fitting bra is like a good friend – supportive, comfortable, and always there when you need it.

Girlfriend’s Bra Size Guide
Brand Underbust Measurement (inches) Cup Size
Victoria’s Secret 28-29 A-B
Aerie 30-31 B-C
Calvin Klein 32-33 C-D
Lively 34-35 D-DD
Fruit of the Loom 36-37 DD-E
Gap 38-39 DDD-F
American Eagle 40-41 F-G
H&M 42-43 G-H
La Perla 44-45 H-I
Savage x Fenty 46-47 I-J
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