What is the bra size equivalent to 38 cm?

What is the bra size equivalent to 38 cm?
Image: What is the bra size equivalent to 38 cm?

The bra size equivalent to 38 cm is typically a band size of 75. When converting centimeters to band sizes, it’s important to remember that in the European sizing system, the band size is determined by taking the measurement in centimeters and adding 15. Therefore, a measurement of 38 cm would correspond to a band size of 75. It’s essential to take accurate measurements for both band and cup sizes in order to find the perfect fitting bra.

When determining your bra size, it’s crucial to keep in mind that different brands may have slight variations in their sizing charts. This means that even if your measurement corresponds to a specific size according to one brand’s chart, you may need a different size when shopping with another brand. While measurements provide a good starting point for finding your correct bra size, trying on different styles and sizes can also be beneficial as individual body shapes can impact how bras fit.

An interesting fact about bra sizing is that cup sizes are not static; they change relative to the band size. This means that someone who wears a D cup on a 34 band will not wear the same cup volume as someone wearing a D cup on a 40 band. Understanding this relationship between band and cup sizes is essential for finding bras that truly fit well and are comfortable all day long. Moving forward from here, I recommend utilizing this information as you shop for new bras or reevaluate your current collection – ensuring you have proper fitting garments can greatly improve comfort and overall confidence.

Bra Size Equivalents to 38 cm

Band Size (cm) US Bra Size UK Bra Size
38 38B 38B
38 38C 38C
38 38D 38D
38 38DD 38DD
38 38DDD 38E
38 38F 38F
38 38G 38FF
38 38H 38G
38 38I 38GG
38 38J 38H
Bra size equivalents to a band size of 38 cm. Refer to this table when determining the appropriate bra size for a band measurement of 38 cm.
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