What is the bra size for 36/80?

What is the bra size for 36/80?
Image: What is the bra size for 36/80?

For a 36/80 bra size, the band measurement is 36 inches and the cup measurement is 80 centimeters. Based on this, I would recommend trying on bras in both sizes to see which one fits best. The most important factor in finding the right fit is making sure the band sits comfortably around your ribcage without riding up or digging into your skin. If you find that the 36 band feels too tight, try a size up and vice versa if it feels too loose.

One common misconception about bra sizing is that once you have determined your measurements, every bra in that size will fit perfectly. In reality, different brands and styles can vary in their fit even when they are labeled with the same measurements. It’s important to always try on bras before purchasing them to ensure the best possible fit.

A less-known fact about bra sizing is that weight loss or gain can affect your breast size and therefore change your bra size as well. Keeping track of any changes in your body shape and re-evaluating your bra size periodically can help ensure that you are always wearing the right size for maximum comfort and support.

The next step after understanding how to decode bra sizes would be to explore different styles of bras such as push-up, T-shirt, or sports bras to determine which ones work best for you. Finding the right style along with the correct size can make a world of difference in terms of comfort and confidence.

So there you have it – solving the mystery of bra sizing. Remember, finding the perfect fitting bra might take some trial and error but don’t get discouraged – we’re here to help guide you through it!

Bra Size Chart for 36/80

Band Size (36) Cup Size (80) Bra Size
36 80 36A
36 80 36B
36 80 36C
36 80 36D
36 80 36DD/E
36 80 36DDD/F
36 80 36G
36 80 36H
36 80 36I
36 80 36J
This table shows the various bra sizes for a band size of 36 and cup size of 80, allowing individuals to determine their correct bra size based on their measurements.
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