What is the bra size for a 70 cm measurement?

What is the bra size for a 70 cm measurement?
Image: What is the bra size for a 70 cm measurement?

Based on a 70 cm measurement, the recommended bra size would be around a 32 or 34 band size and an A cup. However, it’s important to keep in mind that every body is unique and may require different sizes depending on individual factors such as breast shape and tissue distribution. For a more accurate fit, I would recommend trying on both sizes to see which one feels more comfortable and provides the best support. It’s also crucial to consider the type of bra you are looking for, as different styles may fit differently even if they are the same size.

A common misconception is that the band size is the only factor in determining bra size. The truth is that cup size plays an equally important role in finding the right fit. While a smaller band measurement usually correlates with a smaller cup size, other factors like breast shape and density also come into play when determining the correct bra size.

One lesser-known fact about bra sizing is that brands can have slight variations in their sizing charts, meaning that your usual size from one brand may not always translate directly to another brand. Knowing this can be useful when shopping for bras online or trying out new brands in-store because it allows you to anticipate potential differences in fit.

The next step after understanding your initial measurements would be to schedule a professional fitting with our expert staff who can provide personalized recommendations based on your unique body shape and preferences. We’re here to help make sure you find exactly what you need.

Bra Size for 70 cm Measurement

Underbust Measurement (cm) Bra Band Size Recommended Bra Cup Size
70-74 32 A-B
75-79 34 B-C
80-84 36 C-D
85-89 38 D-DD
90-94 40 DD-E
95-99 42 E-F
100-104 44 F-FF
105-109 46 FF-G
110-114 48 G-GG
115-119 50 GG-H
This table shows the recommended bra band size and cup size based on a 70 cm underbust measurement. Use this as a guide when purchasing bras to ensure proper fit and support.
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