What is the equivalent of a 38D bra size in Europe?

What is the equivalent of a 38D bra size in Europe?
Image: What is the equivalent of a 38D bra size in Europe?

A 38D bra size in Europe is the equivalent of a 85D. When converting bra sizes between different regions, it’s important to remember that the band size and cup size are both taken into consideration. In this case, a 38 band size in the US would convert to an 85 band size in European sizing, while the D cup remains the same.

One common misconception is that all brands have standard sizing across different regions, but this is not true. Different brands may have variations in their sizing systems, so it’s important to always refer to a specific brand’s size chart for accurate measurements.

A less-known fact about European bra sizing is that they often use centimeters rather than inches for band measurements. This can be useful to know when shopping for bras from European brands or using conversion charts.

The next step in knowing more about bra sizes is to ensure you are accurately measuring your own size before making any purchases. Taking regular measurements and referencing brand-specific size charts will help you find the perfect fit every time. Remember, a well-fitting bra can make all the difference in how you look and feel.

I hope this information helps you find your perfect fit. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any more questions – we’re here to help!

Equivalent of a 38D Bra Size in Europe

US/UK Bra Size European Bra Size Recommended European Size
38D 85D Consider trying 85E for a better fit
38DD 85E Stick with 85E for the most comfortable fit
38DDD/F 85F 85F is the equivalent European size for a 38DDD/F
38G 85G Stick with 85G for the best support
38H 85H Consider trying 85I for a more comfortable fit
38I 85I 85I is the equivalent European size for a 38I
38J 85J Stick with 85J for the most supportive fit
38K 85K Consider trying 85L for a better fit
38L 85L 85L is the equivalent European size for a 38L
38M 85M Stick with 85M for the most comfortable and supportive fit
Table showing the equivalent European bra sizes for different US/UK 38 band sizes and cup sizes. Recommendations are provided to help find the best fit.
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