What is the letter after DD in bra sizes?

What is the letter after DD in bra sizes?
Image: What is the letter after DD in bra sizes?

The letter after DD in bra sizes is E. When it comes to finding the right bra size, it’s crucial to consider not only the cup size but also the band size and overall fit. The E cup size is typically recommended for individuals whose bust measurement is 6 inches larger than their band measurement, which would fall under what we call an “E” cup. It’s essential to get professionally measured to ensure you find the perfect fit for your body.

Common misconception: Many people believe that the lettering system for bra sizes stops at DD, but this is not true. There are many other sizes beyond DD, including E and beyond, allowing for a wider range of options to cater to different body types and preferences.

Less-known fact: Understanding that there are sizes beyond DD can be incredibly useful when searching for bras that offer optimal support and comfort. Knowing about these additional sizes empowers individuals to explore a broader spectrum of options and find the perfect fit for their unique shape.

Next step: Now that you have a better understanding of bra sizing, I recommend getting measured by a professional fitter who can provide personalized guidance on finding the ideal size and style based on your individual needs and preferences.

Remember, finding the right bra should be both comfortable and fun. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any further assistance or have any more questions.

Bra Sizes: Letter after DD

Band Size DD Cup Next Letter
30 30DD E
32 32DD F
34 34DD G
36 36DD H
38 38DD I
40 40DD J
42 42DD K
44 44DD L
46 46DD M
48 48DD N
Bra sizes increase by one letter after DD, so if you wear a 30DD, your next size will be 30E. This table provides band sizes, the corresponding DD cup size, and the next letter after DD for each band size.
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