What is the meaning of bra cup size?

What is the meaning of bra cup size?
Image: What is the meaning of bra cup size?

Bra cup size refers to the measurement of a woman’s breasts in relation to her band size. The cup size is represented by a letter (such as A, B, C, etc.) And corresponds to the difference between the bust measurement and the band measurement. For example, if a woman has a 36-inch bust and a 34-inch band size, she would typically wear a B cup bra. It is important to note that cup sizes are not universal and can vary depending on the brand and style of bra.

It’s crucial to understand that the cup size is not an absolute measure of breast volume or shape; it simply indicates the difference between bust and band measurements. Many people mistakenly believe that a larger cup size automatically means larger breasts, but this is not necessarily true. Breast shape also plays a significant role in determining which type of bra will provide proper support and comfort.

One less-known fact about bra sizing is that there are different methods for measuring cup size depending on whether you are wearing an underwired or non-wired bra. Knowing this information can help ensure you are getting an accurate fit when trying on bras in our store. I recommend looking for bras with features such as adjustable straps, underwires for added support, and breathable fabric to maximize comfort.

Now that you have a better understanding of what bra cup sizes represent, your next step should be to get professionally fitted by one of our experienced staff members. We can take precise measurements to determine your exact band and cup size, ensuring that you find bras that fit perfectly and provide optimal support for your unique body shape. Trust me – finding the right fitting bra can make all the difference.

Meaning of Bra Cup Size

Cup Size Measurement (inches) Recommended Bra Size
AA Less than 1 inch 32AA
A 1 inch 34A
B 2 inches 36B
C 3 inches 38C
D 4 inches 40D
DD or E 5 inches 42DD
DDD or F 6 inches 44DDD
G 7 inches 46G
H 8 inches 48H
I 9 inches 50I
Table showing the meaning of bra cup sizes based on measurements and recommended bra size for each cup size.
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