What is the right bra size for you?

What is the right bra size for you?
Image: What is the right bra size for you?

Based on my experience and expertise, I would recommend starting by measuring your band size. This can be done by wrapping a measuring tape snugly around your ribcage, just below your bust. It’s important to ensure that the tape is parallel to the floor and doesn’t dig into your skin. Once you have this measurement, add 4 inches if it’s an even number or 5 inches if it’s an odd number to get your band size. For example, if you measure 30 inches, your band size would be 34.

Next, it’s crucial to determine your cup size by measuring around the fullest part of your bust while keeping the measuring tape parallel to the ground. Subtracting your band measurement from this bust measurement will give you a numerical value that corresponds to a cup size in our sizing chart. For example, if there is a difference of one inch between these two measurements, you would be an A cup; two inches would make you a B cup and so on.

It is important not only for comfort but also for overall health reasons that you find the right bra size as wearing incorrectly sized bras can lead to discomfort and possibly long-term damage to breast tissue.I believe one common misconception about finding the right bra size is that once someone finds their “perfect” fit they will never need another fitting again. The truth is that our bodies change over time due to factors such as weight fluctuations, aging, hormonal changes and exercise routines thus requiring regular fittings for updated sizes.

Another less-known fact about determining bra size is understanding how different styles fit differently based on varying designs like coverage levels (full coverage vs demi-cup) or wire positioning (center gore width). Knowing these distinctions can help in selecting various bras for different occasions offering both support and style.I highly recommend booking a personalized fitting appointment with one of our experienced staff members who will not only take accurate measurements but will also offer valuable advice on styles suitable for individual body types ensuring maximum comfort and confidence.I hope this information has been helpful and encourages you in finding your perfect fit.

Table 1: Finding the Right Bra Size
Band Size (inches) Bust Size (inches) Recommended Bra Size
26-27 32-33 30A
28-29 34-35 32B
30-31 36-37 34C
32-33 38-39 36D
34-35 40-41 38DD
36-37 42-43 40E
38-39 44-45 42F
40-41 46-47 44G
42-43 48-49 46H
44-45 50-51 48I
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