What is the sister bra size chart?

What is the sister bra size chart?
Image: What is the sister bra size chart?

Sister bra sizes are a set of sizes where the cup volume remains the same, but the band size changes. For example, if you normally wear a 34C and find that the band is too tight, your sister sizes would be 36B or 32D. The chart for sister bra sizes shows you these alternate sizes based on your original measurements.

Many people believe that sister sizing means that any two bras with the same cup volume will fit equally well, but this is not necessarily true. While sister sizes can be helpful in finding a more comfortable fit, it’s important to remember that different brands and styles may have slightly different fits even within sister sizing.

A less-known fact about sister bra sizes is that they can also vary depending on factors such as fabric stretch and construction details like underwire placement. Knowing this information is useful because it allows you to understand why even sister sizes may not always fit perfectly across all bras.

The next step in understanding the concept of sister bra sizing would be to actually try on some bras in both your regular size and its sisters to see how they compare in terms of comfort and fit. It’s always best to physically try on a variety of styles and brands to find what works best for you. Remember, knowing your exact measurements will help us find the perfect fitting bra for you.

Sister Bra Size Chart

Current Bra Size (Band/Cup) Sister Bra Size (Band/Cup) Sister Bra Size (Recommendation)
32A 30B / 34AA Consider trying 30B or 34AA for a better fit
36C 34D / 38B Try 34D or 38B for a more comfortable fit
30D 28DD / 32C Consider 28DD or 32C as alternative sizes
34B 32C / 36A Try 32C or 36A for a better fit
38DD 36E / 40D Consider trying 36E or 40D for improved comfort
36A 34B / 38AA Consider trying 34B or 38AA for a better fit
32C 30D / 34B Try 30D or 34B for a more comfortable fit
40D 38DD / 42C Consider 38DD or 42C as alternative sizes
28DD 26E / 30D Try 26E or 30D for a better fit
34A 32B / 36AA Consider trying 32B or 36AA for improved comfort
This table provides sister bra sizes for different band and cup sizes, along with recommendations for trying alternative sizes for a better fit.
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