What size nursing bra should I buy for the hospital?

What size nursing bra should I buy for the hospital?
Image: What size nursing bra should I buy for the hospital?

Based on your current measurements, I would recommend purchasing a nursing bra in the same size as your maternity bra. It is important to choose a nursing bra with cups that fully accommodate your breasts without any spillage or bulging, as this can lead to discomfort and potential issues with milk production. Look for bras with adjustable straps and multiple hook-and-eye closures to ensure a comfortable fit as your body changes postpartum. Be sure to consider any additional features you may need, such as extra support or easy access for breastfeeding.

Many people believe that they should purchase a larger nursing bra size to allow for breast swelling after giving birth; however, it is more advisable to stick with your current measurements and choose bras that have some stretch in the fabric to accommodate any temporary changes in size. This will provide better support and comfort overall.

An interesting fact about nursing bras is that they often come with special features such as drop-down cups or clips for easy access during breastfeeding. Knowing about these features can help you select the most convenient options for daily wear at home or when you are out running errands while caring for your newborn. The next step in preparing for your hospital stay could be finding a few different styles of nursing bras that suit both your personal preferences and practical needs during this exciting time.

Remember, getting the right nursing bra is essential not only for comfort but also for supporting healthy breastfeeding habits. Good luck on this new chapter of motherhood.

Size Guide for Nursing Bras for Hospital Stay
Bra Size Under Bust Measurement (inches) Cup Size
32A 27-28 A
34B 29-30 B
36C 31-32 C
38D 33-34 D
40DD 35-36 DD
42E 37-38 E
44F 39-40 F
46G 41-42 G
48H 43-44 H
50I 45-46 I
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