What was Marilyn Monroe’s bra size?

What was Marilyn Monroe’s bra size?
Image: What was Marilyn Monroe’s bra size?

Marilyn Monroe’s bra size was approximately a 36D. It is important to note that bra sizes can vary slightly depending on the brand and style of the bra. To ensure you find the perfect fit, I recommend getting professionally measured by one of our expert fitters in-store. They will take precise measurements to determine your exact size and provide personalized recommendations based on your unique body shape and preferences.

Many people believe that Marilyn Monroe was a petite woman with a small bust, but in reality, she had a curvier figure and wore a larger cup size than commonly thought. Understanding this misconception can help you realize that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and finding the right fitting bra is essential for comfort and confidence.

A less-known fact about Marilyn Monroe’s bra size is that she often wore custom-made bras to accommodate her specific measurements. This demonstrates the importance of seeking out professional fittings and investing in high-quality undergarments tailored to your individual needs. The next step for you would be to schedule a fitting appointment with us so we can help you find the perfect bras for your body type, just like Marilyn did. Remember, finding the right fit is key to feeling fabulous in every outfit.

Marilyn Monroe’s Bra Size

Bra Size Measurements Recommendation
34C 37-23-36 For accurate measurements, consult a professional bra fitter.
36D 39-26-38 Find a comfortable bra that provides proper support for your chest size.
32B 35-22-35 Consider trying on different bra styles to find the best fit for your body.
38DD 41-28-41 Ensure that the bra straps and band are not too tight or too loose.
30A 33-20-34 Check for any signs of discomfort or skin irritation when wearing a bra.
36C 39-26-38 Choose a bra that enhances your natural shape and provides a smooth silhouette.
32D 35-22-35 Replace bras that are worn out or no longer provide adequate support.
34B 37-23-36 Pay attention to the underwire and ensure it sits comfortably against your chest.
38C 41-28-41 Consider trying different bra brands to find the best fit for your body shape.
32C 35-22-35 Choose bras with adjustable straps to customize the fit to your body.
Table showing Marilyn Monroe’s various bra sizes, measurements, and recommendations for finding the right fit.
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